“Success is having the things that are important to you and that you value present in your life.” – Shanon Nelson

Last month we introduced you to HERstory Maker, Author, Professor and MOMpreneur, Shanon Nelson.  Please enjoy part 2 of her interview.

What exciting personal or professional are you currently working on?

I’ve published two books Push Past The Pain and Into Your Purpose and Get Over Your B.S. (Belief System). Get Over Your B.S. is my story of triumph, a gripping story line which makes it easy to retain the book’s lessons and insights. There’s suspense, emotional drama, some light-hearted parts and even some touching moments – all cleverly intertwined with spiritual concepts. Push Past the Pain and Into Your Purpose is the spiritual blueprint I used to overcome the many adversities in my life with scriptures and prayers that will serve to encourage anyone going through a trail in their life. That’s pretty exciting! So I’m working on marketing those and selling 1 million copies. I intend to publish at least 2-3 more books this year. And I’d like to do more speaking engagements and seminars around the world.

What kind of people or clients do you want to reach, work or collaborate with?

I want to preferably reach women who have a desire to be autonomous and have successful careers. Men are also welcome if they are an aspiring Entrepreneur. Young girls between the ages of 16-29 who have lost their way and need guidance are also the ideal type of client.

What advice would you give to girls and women who are just beginning their journey to facilitate change in their lives, communities or careers?  

In the words of my dear business colleague Jim Collins

“Clarify your three circles, mirroring at a personal level the three questions…

  1. What are you deeply passionate about?
  2. What are you are genetically encoded for — what activities do you feel  just “made to do”?
  3. What makes economic sense — what can you make a living at?

Those fortunate enough to find or create a practical intersection of the three circles have the basis for a great work life.”- Jim Collins

How do you define success?

Success is having the things that are important to you and that you value present in your life. I value spiritual growth, personal development, a healthy lifestyle, healthy living, loving relationships, financial responsibility and prosperity. So for me, as long as I have loving, meaningful relationships with my mate, my children, my family, and others, financial success not necessarily in terms of an amount, but a healthy financial portfolio that affords me the ability to give to others, and still maintain a quality lifestyle, a healthy eating habit, exercise regimen, and a spiritual sensitivity that invokes me to always have compassion for others and strive to be a better human being while assisting movers and shakers of the world in affecting the world in a way that others are transformed for the better. Then, I have achieved SUCCESS!


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